final blog – dallin r.

The reintegration period into American life- more specifically University life- has been very rushed, yet very productive. Growth means having more and more things to take care of. The energy of being in India, and the knowledge of the experience of being somewhere else in the world, has been motivating me to try to take care of as many things as I possibly can to get my life to where I need it to be. Though it’s a constructive journey, it’s difficult.

But difficulty doesn’t equal negative. It means having to defeat more obstacles, and gain more muscle, and slay more dragons. And even though I might slip and fall, that doesn’t mean I’m on the wrong path. It just means I need to get better shoes.

I wouldn’t be able to look forward to the budding experience of being in the classrooms here in Columbia with as much vigor and excitement if i didn’t have the chance to be at Vidyashilp. Being fully immersed in a school for the entire school day, learning how to collaborate with teachers, and all around being an active part of a school community gave me the best primer possible for being an active student teacher in a school here in Columbia.

The mountain climb of finishing a degree is painful, but so worth it. All I have to do is look back on all I’ve overcome to be able to be here, and it gives me just that much more strength to continue forward. And the continuing forward part is what’s important.

Going to India was a step forward. Coming back was a step forward. This semester, and any that follow, is a step forward. Working after my graduation is many step forwards.

Success isn’t getting to one point and being able to say you’re there. It’s about looking back, no matter where you are on your journey, and saying, “I’ve done all that.” That’s success.


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