Elena Bernstein, Final Blog

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been home from India for almost a month.  Adjusting back to things in the United States has been great, but I think about my trip every single day.  What are my students learning?  How is my teacher?  Does Sheral have a new group to take care of?  I always find myself wondering and reminiscing over pictures, videos, and memories.  It’s still so sad that it’s over.    

My friends and family were interested in all of my stories and photos, but it’s hard to actually explain everything I did and saw within those six weeks.  Plus, you really only have a few seconds to answer the question, “How was India?” because most people don’t want to hear much after “It was amazing!”.  And of course, I understand that.  But it’s hard to even find a few key sentences to sum up my unforgettable summer.   

I am so anxious to get started with my new elementary school for the year.  I already know that I will be comparing each and every thing that my students and teacher do, back to my experience in the schools in India.  Even though I already know all the similarities and differences between U.S. and India schools, I am excited to be reminded of certain things that make me think of India during my day.

I have tried to remain in contact with my teacher by sending her photos of me to show the students and just a little bit of what I’ve been up to since I got home.  I miss everyone so much!

There are so many ways in which I feel different after being back home.  I have a deeper appreciation for other cultures, I do not want to take the luxuries I have for granted, I have a stronger admiration for the people of India that I never thought I would, and I feel solidified in my decision of getting my master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. 

The one thing that I am most excited about is getting back in the classroom and seeing how I’ve truly changed as an educator.  I am eager to implement all of the different strategies and lessons I learned while at DPS East.  I hope that my experience being in another country will help contribute to my ability to form deep, long-lasting relationships with each of my unique students.

 Although I’ve said this in previous blogs, a piece of my heart will forever remain in India.  As time goes on, people will care less and less about my experiences.  But every time I think about my summer, I smile.  I will never get enough of my pictures and reliving it all over again.  In a way, six weeks felt long, but it actually wasn’t enough time.  I wish I could have one more day at DPS East, laughing with my students and Vinita.  I wish I could have one more group dinner at Bangalore Brew Works and talking with Bijoy.  I wish I could have one more sleep at Casa and hearing all the sounds and smells of Bangalore. 

I will miss this place forever. ‘Til we meet again, India!


One thought on “Elena Bernstein, Final Blog

  1. Beautifully and brilliantly written Elena . Knowing the person you are, I can imagine how you feel about this amazing country and the wonderful relationships you made while there . I know they will miss you even more . Proud of the decisions you have made in your career ! You’ll always be #1 in my book !!!


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