Final Reflection: Kelley Fowler

            It is crazy to think that it has already been more than a week since I have left India. It was so hard leaving Bangalore after six weeks. I never thought that I would become so attached to such a faraway place, but India is truly such a special place and the people are truly one of a kind. I learned so much during my short time in India but I learned three very important things from the principals, teachers, and students.

            First, I learned the importance of leading others with humility and kindness. I was privileged enough to form relationships with the amazing principals at my school and witness the way that they lead others. For example, Manju Ma’am has the biggest heart and is so passionate about DPS. She started a fundraising campaign for one of her students who was diagnosed with cancer to pay for their medical bills and then continued to raise more money for other children diagnosed with cancer who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She cares so much about others and shows such kindness to every person in the school community. Additionally, I have learned so much from Geeta Ma’am who became like a second mom to me during my time at DPS-North. She knows every member of the school community including the Aunties, canteen workers, teachers, students and shows such respect to each person. She makes every person feel important and respected no matter their position. For example, each week Geeta Ma’am sold food to the students and staff that she brought from home. She knew every student or staff member who bought food from her. It was amazing to see how kind and loving she was with each student. 

            Secondly, I learned from all the amazing Special Education teachers in the Kindergarten block about how to effectively teach content in creative ways. One of my teachers, Saumya Ma’am, taught math to first through second graders. She made every one of her classes interactive and creative by incorporating manipulatives or fun counting songs. She always had such a positive attitude and was so loving to each of her students. I am going to miss her and all of the other teachers in the Special Education department. They made me feel a part of the team and they are all phenomenal educators!

            Finally, my students reminded me of the joy that can come from learning. My students in the resource room were the most rambunctious, loving, kind and intelligent group of students whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach. Each day was filled with new discoveries and they always had so many questions which made each lesson exciting! They challenged me to think more deeply about things and present content in new ways. 

            I am grateful for this experience of a life time! I am so thankful to the College of Education and all of the donors who made this experience possible. Finally, I am grateful to the principals, teachers and students at DPS-North who welcomed us with open arms into their community. I will never forget this experience and my amazing time in India!

Our amazing principal and Special Education Coordinator
My sweet teacher, Saumya
The whole group at Breworks on our last night in Bangalore.
Courtyard at Bangalore Palace


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